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Aisha Bawani Academy Girls (Mont. to Matric)
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Aisha Bawani Academy Girls (Mont. to Matric)

The Academy was established by The Begum Aisha Bawany Wakf, founded in memory of the late Begum Aisha Bawany by her heirs. The school became operational in July 1961. Mr. Ebrahim Ahmed Bawany (Late) | Founder and life time Chairman till his sad demise in 1982, was himself bestowed | with the best of education and was a man of vision. He visualized the future needs of the ever growing metropolis city and built the most aesthetic school buildings for boys and girls separately on a large single area in the heart of Karachi. The basic values of Islam in view, the system of education was evolved as an amalgamation of religious teachings and the most modern education in literature, science and commerce. Equipped with state of the art infrastructure and manned by the highly qualified and experienced faculty, the school kept growing by leaps and bounds and was one of the most prestigious educational Institute of Karachi metropolis till 1972, when it was impounded by the then government under

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Enrollment & Fee structure

Total Boys Girls
884 0 884

Class & Gender-wise Enrollment and Class-wise Fee Structure

# Class Enrollment Fee Structure
Boys Girls Total Admission Fee Tution Fee Other Fee
1 Pre Nursery010101350045004500 (Annual Fund)
2 Nursery037371350045004500 (Annual Fund)
3 KG-I054541350045004500 (Annual Fund)
4 I056561200040004000 (Annual Fund)
5 II070701200040004000 (Annual Fund)
6 III088881200040004000 (Annual Fund)
7 IV068681200040004000 (Annual Fund)
8 V086861200040004000 (Annual Fund)
9 VI098981260042004200 (Annual Fund)
10 VII086861260042004200 (Annual Fund)
11 VIII088881260042004200 (Annual Fund)
12 IX (SSC-I)064641260042004200 (Annual Fund)
13 X (SSC-II)079791260042004200 (Annual Fund)

OUR brilliant Staff

Total Male Female
87 0 87

Teaching Faculty

# Name Designation Qualification Teaching subjects
1Shehnaz Akhtar BhattiSLTBA (-)Sindhi Language Teacher
2Nasreen Naz -SLTB.A (-)Sindhi Language Teacher
3Razia Saleem BhattiSLTInter, CT (-)Sindhi Language Teacher
4Naghma KhanTeacherB.A. (-)Urdu & Islamiyat Teacher
5Misbha Rehman QureshiTeacherB.A (-)Montessori Teacher
6Asma Shareef -TeacherIntermediate (-)Nazra Teacher
7Sadia Beenish QureshiTeacherB.A. M.A (English) (-)English Teacher
8Tehreem Nazim -TeacherB.A (-)English, Maths, Science & Social Studies Teacher
9Ambreen Ahmed SattiTeacherB.Sc. M.A (Islamic) (-)Bio Teacher
10Sumaiya Khalid -TeacherB.A (-)Montessori Directress
11Hameeda Nargis PathanTeacherBA, MA, LLB (-)Maths Teacher
12Razia Habib -TeacherB.Sc (-)Computer Teacher
13Aisha Begum SattiTeacherBSc (-)Science & Chemistry Teacher
14Saba ALi -TeacherB.A. (-)Montessori Directress
15Nuzhat Fatima -TeacherBA (-)Islamiyat Teacher
16Tasneem Fatima SyedTeacherM.A. (Islamic) (-)Urdu Teacher
17Rukhsana Ahmed MemonTeacherB.Sc, M.Sc (-)Chemistry Teacher
18Shazia Erum -TeacherM.A. (IR) (-)Social Study & Arts Teacher
19Amber Touseef patelTeacherB.A (-)Arts Teacher
20Fatima Imad SyedTeacherB.Sc (-)English, Social Study, Ethics & C.O.N Teacher
21Humaira Yasmeen -TeacherB.A. (-)Montessori directress
22Saba Iqbal -TeacherIntermediate (-)Montessori Teacher
23Roha Choudhary -TeacherB.Sc (-)Science Teacher
24Nusrat Yaseen -TeacherB.A (-)Montessori Directress
25Khursheed Kaleem SheikhTeacherB.Sc (-)maths Teacher
26Hameeda Fida -TeacherB.A (-)Urdu Teacher
27Aisha Ali -TeacherB.com (-)Co-Teacher
28Sunita Raja ShatriyaTeacherB.A (-)English Teacher
29Aleena Fazal -TeacherB.Com (-)Computer Teacher
30Nazia Wali AwanTeacherM.A. (Islamic) (-)Urdu & Islamiyat Teacher
31Rimsha Ijaz LodhiTeacherB.com (-)English, Maths, Science & Social Study Teacher
32Najma Amir SheikhTeacherB.Sc (-)Physics & Maths Teacher
33Rukhsana Sadiq -TeacherNazra (-)Islamiyat Teacher
34Humaira Iqbal -TeacherM.A. (-)Montessori Directress
35Munazza Adeel QureshiTeacherM.A. (Islamic) (-)English, Maths, Science, Social Study & C.B Teacher
36Shama Salman SheikhTeacherM.A. (Social Work) (-)Urdu & Islamiayat Teacher
37Aniqa Shahab -TeacherB.com (-)Montessori Directress Teacher
38Nosheen Subhan SheikhTeacherB.com (-)Arts & Computer Teacher
39Kashaf Noor -TeacherB.com (-)English, Maths, Science & S.S. Teacher
40Mishal Altaf SahitoTeacherFSC (-)English, Maths, Science & Social Study Teacher
41Rukhsana Nasir -TeacherB.A. (-)Urdu & islamiyat Teacher
42Riffat Nizam KhattakTeacherM.A. (IR) (-)Social Study & Pakistan Study Teacher
43Saima Aziz -TeacherB.Sc (-)Montessori Directress
44Salma Khaliq -TeacherB.A. (-)-
45Shazia Azeem KhattakTeacherB.A, M.A (English Literacy) (-)English, Georaphy & Pakistan Study Teacher
46Saroja Surrindar -TeacherB.A (-)Computer Teacher
47Nayab Altaf SahitoTeacherM.A. English (-)English, Pakistan Study, SST Teacher
48Zara khokhar KhokharTeacherM.Com (-)English Teacher
49Zahra Shawar -TeacherB.Com (-)Urdu & Islamiyat Teacher
50Hina Nasir -TeacherB.A. (-)Montessori Teacher
51Saraswati ShatriyaTeacherB.A. (-)English, Maths, Science & Social Studies Teacher
52Kulsoom Nawaz -TeacherB.A. (-)Art Teacher
53Rakshinda -TeacherB.com (-)English, Maths, Science & Social Study Teacher
54Nazia Nadeem KashmriTeacherM.A (-)Montessori Directress
55Shahbana Rozi -TeacherB.Sc, M.A. (-)English Teacher
56Fouzia Kamran -TeacherB.com (-)Montessori
57Humaira Khan PthanTeacherB.com (-)-
58Mehwish Zeeshan RajputTeacherB.A. (-)P.T. Library Teacher
59Warda MemonTeacherB.Com (-)Urdu & Islamiyat Teacher
60Asma Zardad RajaTeacherB.A. (-)Maths & Science Teacher
61Uzma Hussain -TeacherB.A. (-)Montessori Directress
62Saima Mazhar PathanTeacherB.Sc, M.A. (Islamic) (-)Maths & Science
63Huma Saleem -TeacherB.A (-)Montessori Directress
64Maham Rafiq -TeacherIntermediate (-)-
65Sadaf Sajid AwanTeacherM.A. (Mass Economic) (-)Match & Physcis Teacher
66Maham Khalid -TeacherFSC (-)Nazra Quran Teacher
67Shakeela Mehdi -CoordinatorB.A. M.A. (Education) (-)English Teacher

Other staff

# Name Designation Qualification Responsbilities
1Saira Aanwar -Aya- (-)
2Safia Bano -Aya- (-)
3Shahida Bibi -aya- (-)
4Kulsoom -Aya- (-)
5Irshad Saleem -Aya- (-)
6Yasmeen Abdul Hameed Aya- (-)
7Heer -Aya- (-)
8Iqbal Bano -Aya- (-)
9Geeta Rai -Computer OperatorMBA (-)
10Sitwat Mubeen MughalLab AssistantB.Sc. (-)
11Shahida Fayyaz -LibrarianI.com (-)
12Humaira Mirza MughalOffice AssistantIntermediate (-)
13Fiza Lakhani LakhaniOffice AssistantB.A (-)
14Naheed Zahid SyedPrincipalM.A. (English) (-)
15Sakina Ahmed -Sweeper- (-)
16Mubeena Khatoon -Sweeper- (-)
17Hina Bano -Sweeper- (-)
18Muneeba -Sweeper- (-)
19Sonia -Sweeper- (-)
20Wazeera -Sweeper- (-)

School Management Committee (IMC)

#Name in fullStatusCNIC NoEmailContact No
1 Mrs. Nahid Zahid Chairperson 42201-0666736-8 aba@hotmail.com 03212006990
2 Ms. Asma Zardad Member 42301-7284110-6 aba@hotmail.com 03233334339
3 Mrs. Khursheed Kalim Member 42201-3924108-4 aba@hotmail.com 03343036602
4 Ms. Shakeela Mehdi Secretary 42301-2248346-8 aba@hotmail.com 03022795634
5 Ms. Sumaira Iqbal Secretary 42201-7608800-0 aba@hotmail.com 03002228854

Infrastructure & Facilities

Detailed information about school's ifrastructure, furniture and other facilities the school provided


Area of Plot (Sq. yards): Ownership Type of building Total Rooms Classrooms Offices OtherRooms Status of Classrooms
3500 Trust Designed for Institute 50 40 5 5 Ventilated
No. of congested Classrooms Total seating capacity Average seating capacity of Classrooms Veranda / Corridor used as Classrooms Space provided for Staff Room Students' Common Room provided Space provided for Store Space provided for Library
1 1440 30 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Space provided for Reading Room Space provided for Gymnasium Space provided for Hall Space provided for Auditorium Space provided for Canteen Biology Labortory available Chemistry Labortory available Physics Labortory available
Yes No No No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Computer Labortory available Space for Drawing hall Sufficient Play Area Saperate Lavatory Blocks for Girls Total No. of wash-rooms Washrooms for Boys Washrooms for Girls Washrooms for staff
Yes Yes Yes Yes 48 0 38 10

Furniture & Equipments

3 Seater Desks Dual Desks Chairs Total seats Suitable Furniture provided for Library Suitable Furniture provided for Laboratory Suitable Furniture provided for Readingroom Suitable Furniture provided for Arts Room
0 191 601 1174 Yes Yes Yes Yes
Number of Charts Number of Models Number of Maps Number of Pictures Number of Slide Projectors Number of B/W Boards Number of LCDs/LEDs Number of Flim Projector
40 85 25 30 0 40 1 0
Number of T.Vs Number of Computer Number of VCD Players Number of Multimedia Projector Number of books available in library
0 40 0 1 5000

SOPs (Administrative Procedures)

Mustroll Personal Files of Staff Payroll Cash book Demand / Fee Register Dead Stock Register Stock Register Library-Accession Register Leave Record Register
Available Available Available Available Available Available Available Available Available
Receipt Book Register Students Admit Card General Register Admission Forms Science/ Computer Register Circular Register Meeting Register/ Operator Daily Attendance Record of students Appraisal System
Available Available Available Available Available Available Available Available Available

SOPs (Academic Procedures)

Vission Mission Statments Scheme of Studies Class Room Observation Tools Weekly Plan of Head Teacher Lesson Plans Teachers' Daily Diary Assessment Procedure Result Sheets Time Table Teachers
Available Available Available Available Available Available Available Available Available
Report Cards Examination Record Prize Distribution Record School Improvement Plan Academic Calender Event Calender Time Table General Time Table Classwise Teachers Rooster Duties
Available Available Available Available Available Available Available Available Available

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