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Oxford Grammar High School Jhuddo
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Oxford Grammar High School Jhuddo

Our Aim to provide Quality Education to our Community


Enrollment & Fee structure

Total Boys Girls
372 236 136

Class & Gender-wise Enrollment and Class-wise Fee Structure

# Class Enrollment Fee Structure
Boys Girls Total Admission Fee Tution Fee Other Fee
1 I41276805001000 (Exam Fee)
2 II27184505001000 (Exam Fee)
3 III36175305001000 (Exam Fee)
4 IV881605001000 (Exam Fee)
5 V15132805001000 (Exam Fee)
6 VI38236106001000 (Exam Fee)
7 VII1732006001000 (Exam Fee)
8 VIII13122506001000 (Exam Fee)
9 IX (SSC-I)1081807001000 (Exam Fee)
10 X (SSC-II)25133807001000 (Exam Fee)

OUR brilliant Staff

Total Male Female
19 3 16

Teaching Faculty

# Name Designation Qualification Teaching subjects
1Benazir JSTBsc (Sc)Science, Urdu
2Muqades UmarSLTFSc (Sc)Sindhi
3Nida AliSLTF.Sc (Sc)Sindhi
4Shumaila SLTBSc (Sc)Sindhi , Science
5Ghazala TBA (..)SS, English, PS
6Dua TB.Sc (SC)English, Math
7Sonam TFSc (Sc)mATH, sCIENCE, eNGLISH, ps
8Noor TBA (..)English, Urdu, PS, Math
9Amber TBSc (..)Science, English
10Karshima TBA (...)English, Urdu
11Aisha TM.Phill (Sc)English, Math, Science
12Amber TFSc (..)English, Math
13Poonam TeacherFSc (Sc)Urdu, PS, Math
14Sumaira MajeedTeacherBA (..)Math. Islamiyat, English
15Farheen TeacherBSc (Sc)Science, Math, S.S
16Samreen SattarTeacherFSc (Sc)English, Math, Urdu

Other staff

# Name Designation Qualification Responsbilities
1Shakela Peon.. (..)
2Mumtaz Security... (...)
3Rajab Watchman.. (..)

School Management Committee (IMC)

#Name in fullStatusCNIC NoEmailContact No
1 Muhammad Umar Chairperson 41306-3093635-3 .... 03363431497
2 Noor Ahmed Member 44101-0164668-7 ... 03342806077
3 Nida Member 44101-4804803-5 ... 03342998310
4 Ambreen Sattar Member 44101-2312213-4 ... ...
5 Miss Ambreen Secretary 44108-0569274-2 ... ...

Infrastructure & Facilities

Detailed information about school's ifrastructure, furniture and other facilities the school provided


Area of Plot (Sq. yards): Ownership Type of building Total Rooms Classrooms Offices OtherRooms Status of Classrooms
2400 Rented Residential but modified for Institute 16 15 1 0 Ventilated
No. of congested Classrooms Total seating capacity Average seating capacity of Classrooms Veranda / Corridor used as Classrooms Space provided for Staff Room Students' Common Room provided Space provided for Store Space provided for Library
1 400 350 Yes Yes No Yes No
Space provided for Reading Room Space provided for Gymnasium Space provided for Hall Space provided for Auditorium Space provided for Canteen Biology Labortory available Chemistry Labortory available Physics Labortory available
No No No No No Yes Yes Yes
Computer Labortory available Space for Drawing hall Sufficient Play Area Saperate Lavatory Blocks for Girls Total No. of wash-rooms Washrooms for Boys Washrooms for Girls Washrooms for staff
No Yes Yes No 6 4 2 0

Furniture & Equipments

3 Seater Desks Dual Desks Chairs Total seats Suitable Furniture provided for Library Suitable Furniture provided for Laboratory Suitable Furniture provided for Readingroom Suitable Furniture provided for Arts Room
50 100 50 450 No Yes No No
Number of Charts Number of Models Number of Maps Number of Pictures Number of Slide Projectors Number of B/W Boards Number of LCDs/LEDs Number of Flim Projector
10 5 10 10 0 10 0 0
Number of T.Vs Number of Computer Number of VCD Players Number of Multimedia Projector Number of books available in library
0 10 0 0 100

SOPs (Administrative Procedures)

Mustroll Personal Files of Staff Payroll Cash book Demand / Fee Register Dead Stock Register Stock Register Library-Accession Register Leave Record Register
Available Available Available Available Not Available Not Available Available Not Available Not Available
Receipt Book Register Students Admit Card General Register Admission Forms Science/ Computer Register Circular Register Meeting Register/ Operator Daily Attendance Record of students Appraisal System
Available Not Available Available Available Not Available Not Available Not Available Available Not Available

SOPs (Academic Procedures)

Vission Mission Statments Scheme of Studies Class Room Observation Tools Weekly Plan of Head Teacher Lesson Plans Teachers' Daily Diary Assessment Procedure Result Sheets Time Table Teachers
Available Available Available Available Not Available Not Available Not Available Available Available
Report Cards Examination Record Prize Distribution Record School Improvement Plan Academic Calender Event Calender Time Table General Time Table Classwise Teachers Rooster Duties
Available Available Not Available Not Available Available Not Available Available Available Not Available

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