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AL-MEHRAN Higher Secondary School Mithi
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AL-MEHRAN Higher Secondary School Mithi

This school was launched in November 02, 2011 as AL-MEHRAN Public High School Mithi to provide the quality education in normal fees. This belongs to the remote area of Tharparkar where abundant students were deprived of getting education previously. AL –MEHRAN has produced the quantitative students in the shortest of time. This reality of quality education developed this School rapidly and earned the name and fame throughout Tharparkar. As the time went on the School was under visit of different Executive Officers/Regional Directorate who kept on visiting and appreciated the well learning of school in it. Now this School promoted into AL-MEHRAN Higher Secondary School Mithi where under privileged students are getting proper education from well qualified teaching staff.


Enrollment & Fee structure

Total Boys Girls
688 583 105

Class & Gender-wise Enrollment and Class-wise Fee Structure

# Class Enrollment Fee Structure
Boys Girls Total Admission Fee Tution Fee Other Fee
1 Nursery2393225001150200 ( Examination Fees)
2 KG-I2162725001150200 ( Examination Fees)
3 KG-II1982725001150200 ( Examination Fees)
4 I15112625001300300 ( Examination Fees)
5 II28103825001300300 ( Examination Fees)
6 III2853325001300300 ( Examination Fees)
7 IV3083825001300300 ( Examination Fees)
8 V5486225001300300 ( Examination Fees)
9 VI92910125001500300 ( Examination Fees)
10 VII7388125001500300 ( Examination Fees)
11 VIII6356825001500300 ( Examination Fees)
12 IX (SSC-I)6887625001700300 (T Examination Fees)
13 X (SSC-II)45105525001700300 ( Examination Fees)
14 HSC-I (P.E)70725003000300 ( Examination Fees)
15 HSC-II (P.E)50525003000300 ( Examination Fees)
16 HSC-I (P.M)70725003000300 ( Examination Fees)
17 HSC-II (P.M)41525003000300 ( Examination Fees)

OUR brilliant Staff

Total Male Female
80 61 19

Teaching Faculty

# Name Designation Qualification Teaching subjects
1Nirdosh Kumar MehrajCoordinatorM.Ed (English)English , Mathematics
2Ravigir GoswamiHead MasterM.A (English)English
3Narendar MenghwarPrincipalBS (Chemistry)Science
4Veerji Mal BrahmanPrincipalM.A (English)English
5Amolakh Meghwar Principal Intermediate (Pre-Medical )All Subject
7Abdul Sattar FaqeerSLTADE (Sindhi)Sindhi, Mathematics
8Qeemat Rai Meghwar SLTBA (SINDHI)Sindhi,English,urdu,math
9Asan das Meghwar SLTBEd (Edu)SS,
10Bhamro mal MeghwarTeacherB.Ed (B.Ed)English
12Irshad Bano DarsSLTBSc (Sindhi)Sindhi
13Tiloo Mal SutharSLTB.A (Sindhi)Sindhi, Ethics
14Verkha LohanaSLTM.Ed (Sindhi)Sindhi, English
15Hussain JunejoSLTSB (Sindhi)Sindhi
16Sadam Hussain DarsSLTADE (Sindhi)Sindhi, Islamiat / Ethics
17Sanam Naz BajeerSLTB.Sc (Sindhi)Sindhi, Islamiat
18Manoj Kumar SutharSubject SpecialistBS (Chemistry)Chemistry, Science
19Maghan Singh ThakurSubject SpecialistM.Sc (Chemsitry)Chemistry
20Basant Kumar MenghwarSubject SpecialistBS (Zoology)Biology, Science
21Chatter Singh ThakurSubject SpecilaistB.Sc (Mathematics)Mathematics
22Jagdeesh Kumar DarziTeacherB.A (Science)English, Sindhi, Mathematics
23Vanita Kumari BrahmanTeacherM.Sc (Zoology)Biology, English
24Chaman Lal Meghwar Teacher Intermediate (Pre-Medical )Sindhi, Urdu, Ikhlaqiat
25Muhammad Mutlib Hajam Teacher Intermediate (Pre-Medical )Islamait
26Bharat Kumar MenghwarTeacherB.A (English)English, P.S,S.S
27Bhamro Mal Meghwar Teacher Intermediate (Pre-Medical )English, Science, Mathematics
28Prem Kumar Meghwar Teacher Intermediate (Pre-Medical )All Subjects
29Ameet BrahmanTeacherM.Sc (Chemistry)Chemistry, English,S.S
30Kundhar MenghwarTeacherBS(CS) (Computer)Mathematics, Computer
31Geeta DEvi BrahmanTeacherB.Sc (General)Mathematics
32Neeta MaheshwariTeacherB.A (Generla)Enlgish,S.S,General Knowledge
33Mithan BrahmanTeacherM.Sc (Physics)Physics, chemistry,English
34Alka RathiTeacherB.Com , M.A (English)English, Pre Primary
35Harish Kumar SutharTeacherIntermediate (Science)Drawing
36Yaqoob LundTeacherB.Sc (General)English , Sindhi, Mathematics
37Malaika BrahmanTeacherM.A (General)Pre-Primary
38Achar Khan LundTeacherB.Sc (General)English, Urdu, G.Knowlegde
39Rekha MaheshwariTeacherBS.CS (Computer)English, Computer
40Vishan Das MenghwarTeacherM.A (Urdu)Urdu
41Chandan Kumar DarziTeacherB.S(Hons) (Zoology)English, Science,S.S
42Hansraj SutharTeacherM.A (General)English,S.S,Our Values, G.K
43Gotam LohanaTeacherBE (CS) (Physics)Physics
44Rajesh Kumar MaheshwariTeacherM.A (English)English
45Tania MaheshwariTeacherIntermediate (Science)Science, G.K
46Sabra DalTeacherBS(Hons) (Botany)Biology , Science
47Kanchan Kumari BrahmnaTeacherB.Com,M.A (Accounting)Pre-Primary
48Pandhi Khan JunejoTeacherB.Ed(Hons) (Sindhi)English, Sindhi
49Rajesh Kumar KarmaniTeacherM.Sc (Mathematics)Mathematics,English
50Nisha Kumari BrahmanTeacherM.A (English)English , Mathematics, Sindhi
51Zahid Ahmed JanjhiTeacherBS(CS) (Computer)Mathematics, Computer, Science
52Abdul Razaque KunbharTeacherMA (Urdu)Urdu
53Pooja RathiTeacherMBA (Mathematics)Mathematics,S.S,G.K,Our Values
54Ajna KhattiTeacherB.A (General)Science, S.S
55Rano CharoTeacherHafiz e Aalim (Quran Shareef)Islamiat
56Savita SutharTeacherM.A (English)English, S.S, G.K, Our Values
57Govind Kumar MaheshwariTeacherBS(Hons) (Chemsitry)Science, Mathematics, S.S
58Lal Malook BajeerTeacherBS (Zoology)Biology, Science
59Ramparkash SutharTeacherMPA (Mathematics)Mathematics, Computer, Science
60Chetan Kumar SutharTeacherBS(Hons) (Physics)Phsics, Science, Sindhi
61Jai Pirkash SutharTeacherIntermediate (Science)Mathematics
62Missri BajeerTeacherB.Sc (General)Science,Sindhi, Islamiat
63Raja Rajesh Kumar Meghwar Teacher Intermediate (Pre-Medical )English, Social Studies
64Asad Raza ThathviTeacherM.A (Islamiat)Islamiat
65Omparkash MeghwarTeahcerB.Sc (Science)Science , S.S
66Monika RathiTeacherM.A (General)English, S.s, G.K
67Jamna DarziTecherB.A (General)Sindhi, Mathematics, English

Other staff

# Name Designation Qualification Responsbilities
1Nandlal MenghwarADMINM.A (English)
2Muhammad Shouban BajeerGate KeeperPrimary (...)
3Meer Murtaza KhosaGate KeeperMetric (Science)
5Bherji RajputManaging DirectorM.Sc(Hons) (Statistics)
6Mia MeghwarMasiUn Educated (...)
7Diman MeghwarMasiUn Educated (...)
8Lonji Meghwar Office BoyMatriculation (Science )
9Afzal UmeraniOffice BoyMiddle (Sciecne)
10Shahnawaz UmeraniOffice BoyIntermediate (Mathematics)
11Aurban Ali BajeerOfficeBoyPrimary (..)
13Hotchand Meghwar Sweeper Primary (No)

School Management Committee (IMC)

#Name in fullStatusCNIC NoEmailContact No
1 Veerji Mal Chairperson 44303-3803268-9 a 03332505205
2 Nirdosh Kumar Member 44302-8358061-9 c 03337222925
3 Ghulam Mustafa Member 44302-2016520-1 e 03452452559
4 Anwar Ali Member 41307-5073047-7 d 03499436531
5 Kunpji Secretary 44303-0459917-9 b 03332710770

Infrastructure & Facilities

Detailed information about school's ifrastructure, furniture and other facilities the school provided


Area of Plot (Sq. yards): Ownership Type of building Total Rooms Classrooms Offices OtherRooms Status of Classrooms
3335 Rented Designed for Institute 24 20 02 02 Ventilated
No. of congested Classrooms Total seating capacity Average seating capacity of Classrooms Veranda / Corridor used as Classrooms Space provided for Staff Room Students' Common Room provided Space provided for Store Space provided for Library
02 750 35 Yes Yes No Yes No
Space provided for Reading Room Space provided for Gymnasium Space provided for Hall Space provided for Auditorium Space provided for Canteen Biology Labortory available Chemistry Labortory available Physics Labortory available
Yes No Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Computer Labortory available Space for Drawing hall Sufficient Play Area Saperate Lavatory Blocks for Girls Total No. of wash-rooms Washrooms for Boys Washrooms for Girls Washrooms for staff
No Yes Yes Yes 13 05 05 03

Furniture & Equipments

3 Seater Desks Dual Desks Chairs Total seats Suitable Furniture provided for Library Suitable Furniture provided for Laboratory Suitable Furniture provided for Readingroom Suitable Furniture provided for Arts Room
0 0 700 700 Yes Yes No No
Number of Charts Number of Models Number of Maps Number of Pictures Number of Slide Projectors Number of B/W Boards Number of LCDs/LEDs Number of Flim Projector
50 75 4 45 100 25 1 1
Number of T.Vs Number of Computer Number of VCD Players Number of Multimedia Projector Number of books available in library
0 28 0 1 222

SOPs (Administrative Procedures)

Mustroll Personal Files of Staff Payroll Cash book Demand / Fee Register Dead Stock Register Stock Register Library-Accession Register Leave Record Register
Available Available Available Available Available Available Available Available Available
Receipt Book Register Students Admit Card General Register Admission Forms Science/ Computer Register Circular Register Meeting Register/ Operator Daily Attendance Record of students Appraisal System
Available Available Available Available Available Available Available Available Not Available

SOPs (Academic Procedures)

Vission Mission Statments Scheme of Studies Class Room Observation Tools Weekly Plan of Head Teacher Lesson Plans Teachers' Daily Diary Assessment Procedure Result Sheets Time Table Teachers
Available Available Available Available Not Available Not Available Available Available Available
Report Cards Examination Record Prize Distribution Record School Improvement Plan Academic Calender Event Calender Time Table General Time Table Classwise Teachers Rooster Duties
Available Available Available Available Available Not Available Available Available Available

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